Free Introductory Spiritual Growth & Energy Coaching Session by Phone

PEOPLE BENEFITTING FROM ENERGY HEALING & SPIRITUAL GROWTH WANT: To be more present and to feel more deeply and think less Release of negative emotions and to cultivate unconditional happiness Non-judgmental support to feel safe enough to release addictions Freedom of fears from social anxiety to feeling terrified of people To thrive as late bloomers so need more confidence to handle creativity and aging To slow down to manage emotions and energy so they can vibrate at higher qualities To develop creatively and as entrepreneurs who seek to connect with and achieve dreams Removal of the blocks and frozen, stuck energy to heal karmic lifelong patterns Care as wounded nurses, teachers, veterans, homeless, therapists, and survivors   CALL¬† NOW: 718-760-1507, MON – THURS, 8 AM-8 PM, EST People who get the most out of individual coaching sessions feel they are missing something they deeply need. Often operating below their potential… Read More »Free Introductory Spiritual Growth & Energy Coaching Session by Phone