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Two types of awareness offer us new possibilities for healing. The journey to being authentic begins when we stop trying to figure it out with our mind. We need only focus on reconnecting to the sensations and feelings awakening in our heart.

Choosing to develop a consciousness that recognizes the difference between illusion and truth, or the difference between motivation and inspiration, is what opens us to express our full potential.  Taking responsibility for our lives we make new choices to create the life we desire.  Read more here…

Consciously training our minds to expand by listening and dialoging with our feelings, emotions, and sensations serves our wise, sentient, intuitive self. Through growing more conscious, we can live more authentically in all dimensions of human functioning to naturally grow better.

Everyone has endured trauma, pain, loss, grief or other negative energies. Many of these emotions keep stop us from living the wonderful life we are meant to live. Embarking on a spiritual path does not mean we throw out the past. Finding spirituality means we accept our past, and then leave it behind for a Heavenly life.

Healing means reopening the heart, clearing the energy of stored emotions, and fueling up with the energy of Divine Love. The presence of this powerful force forges the connection back to our soul.

Spiritual Growth is about increasing consciousness, living more authentically, becoming more focused, tapping into the wisdom of our body, and acknowledging the true nature of our lives. Living up to our fullest potential means we can live with less fear and greater compassion, meaning, responsibility, and passion. God’s Happiness, Abundance, Vision, and Expression are naturally ours!

Our focus is on energy and traveling a path to grow inner-directed. The goal is to deepen a practice of quieting the mind and expanding our feeling nature. Spirituality encompasses all aspects of life therefore, clients are free to talk about any topic. Sometimes, though, they have difficulty accessing their answers because they are not used to speaking directly about deep issues.

If you are seeking a trusted mentor and guide to interact with, if you yearn to grow more inner-directed, if you are seeking answers to questions like the ones below, then call or email me now:


The greater number of questions you can answer, the better you know your Self.

• Who you are?  (your power)
• What do I need to learn now? (the gift)
• What is the message in this moment? (your message)
• What is the meaning of this in my life now? (your purpose)
• What you want?  (your desires)
• Why you want it?  (your mission)
• Where you want to go?  (your dream)
• Why you aren’t there yet? (your emotions)
• How much you want it?  (your intention)
• How you will get there?  (your plan)
• Who you will travel with?  (your destiny)


Let go of your ego mind’s excuses!

• What if an accident…(impossible)
• The car’s too old (the present is perfect)
• There’s no money (trust)
• Can’t afford a map (all answers are within)




Gloria R Nash, M.A., M.S. is the author of a forthcoming book on healing long-standing issues in our heart center. When a health and financial scare forced her to slow down and reconsider where she was going in life, she wrote her first book “My Constant Companion: 365 Days of A Course in Miracles Made Easy!” and started a publishing company, GRN8NRG Publishing. Much of her life has been dedicated to healing deep emotional wounds and grief. Gloria inspires people to transform limitations and live their own unique, purposeful life. She offers original and creative services and products related to healing at the level of energy. Gloria holds Masters Degrees in Psychology and Education, is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and holds a Woman’s Masters’ record in the NY State long jump.


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