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Why Choose Struggle or Suffering instead of Spiritual Growth?



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I have been a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles as well as a Spiritual Growth guide, mentor, and author. For over twenty years, I have worked with a range of people who were looking to access their inner wisdom for the purpose of healing past trauma and improving their lives.

Most of us feel wounded to varying degrees. Depending on unique factors within and around us, we responded to life’s flow by freezing, withdrawing, avoiding, etc. These responses resulted in expressions of depression, anxiety, panic, posttraumatic stress, dissociation, depression, suicide, illness, addictions, and so forth.

Emotional pain often begins in the womb where we may have played the role of the unwanted, unloved, child. In response, our hearts shut down and our attention moved up inside our heads where we replayed an endless stream of dramas and stories that gripped our imaginations.

Our stories of trauma, stress, and worry are like a glass filled with water. Think about the water for a while and nothing happens. Think about the water longer and we feel hurt. Think about the water frequently and we feel frozen and paralyzed, until the day we decide to put the glass down.



Have you experienced costly therapy sessions digging up the past yet the present stays the same?

A $125 workshop cannot raise our consciousness, even after two weeks on a mountaintop.

How many books have we read or workshops have we attended yet life goes on, obladi-obladah?

Self-help books tell us to change our thinking so our life can change. Not so easy! Without changing distorted self-images or negative self-talk, well, nothing changes. Understanding is the booby prize.

Trendy techniques like inner child work or re-parenting work for some people, but for those living a lifetime in silence and crippling emotions, professional help feel more like neglect and abandonment.

Chances are, changes you were dying for rarely happened because most healing professionals never “got it.” How many therapists reallyknow about allowing natural change and healing to occur?



Simple, uncomplicated, and consistently achievable results are ours when we work with Spiritual principles. We just need a little help getting started.

For example, name someone who frustrates you. Ask what lesson exists for you in this experience.
Learn the lesson, and heaven and stars will bend over backwards to give you something to smile at!

It is time for us to move forward, by reopening our heart and reconnecting to our soul. This is the message I share with people seeking growth and nurturing the spark of love that is buried inside.



I work with people who experience challenges, showing them how to grow more resourceful. Learning how to tune in to their inner guide moves them to a new way of thinking where answers they are seeking are received. Buried within many of us is a map to a place deep within each of us where strength, well-being, and love still live. Love is the force of healing and change that always works!

Rather than surrender to God’s love, we withheld His love. But our inner teacher can guide us to shift from a habit of ego mindedness to the “wise mind,” a divinely-inspired state of consciousness. It’s time to let go of our comfortable, safe patterns and move into the wisdom within.

Please look around this website. May you find something that sparks your thinking, nurtures your soul, and helps you realize it’s never too late to live up to your potential.

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Author, of two forthcoming books, “My Constant Companion: 365 Days of A Course in Miracles Made Easy!” and “I am Not a Guru: 108 Easy Steps Anyone Can Follow to Build a WordPress Website!



•    Seeking clarity and receiving answers

•    How to accept all that is and that has happened

•    Transform situations or relationship into something good

•    Access tools that bring instant peace to everyday concerns

•    Release whatever is slowing us down

•    Safely express the doubts and conflicts that arise in our minds

•    View lack of love and blocks as opportunities to transform dark energy into light and love

•    Learning to give, as well as to forgive

•    Where we lack motivation is precisely where we need inspiration

•    Learn to transform any part of our lives by looking in the mirror to see what life is showing us

•    How to develop a relationship with God, the Holy Spirit, and our spirituality

•    Searching for meaning in life

•    Feeling something within is being called forth into expression yet frustrated with expressing it

•    Transcend illusions and “false gods” to discover pure truth and God’s power

•    Discover who the “true self” really is

•    Feeling as though a spiritual depression or “dark night of the soul” will never end

•    Experiencing doubts, worries, lack of confidence or self-worth

•    How to use meditation to alleviate pain, improve health, increase energy, and lower stress

•    Discover what it means to be present

•    Increase our awareness of God and decrease our awareness of the ego’s self-centeredness

•    Learn to accept and live gracefully with “what is”

•    Identify and clear energetic and emotional patterns that keep us stuck

•    Develop habits to balance our heart and mind

•    Identify factors that feed our energy and factors that deplete our energy

•    Create a meditation practice that is easy to follow and stick with each day

•    Learn techniques to work with the breath and to visualize

•    Practice Growing a Still Mind: NRG® Process: No to illusions, Reflect and Relax, Go to God



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My Constant Companion: 365 Days of A Course in Miracles Made Easy!

I Am Not A Guru: 108 Easy Steps Anyone Can Follow to Build a WordPress Website!

The NRG® Habit of Inner Peace

But I Have God

The essence of the book, The NRG® Habit of Inner Peace, is the journey of growing more aware, responsible, and present. As we move out of our head and into our heart, our consciousness naturally pays attention to miracles. We open to receiving answers to questions about our lives, such as, “Why am I here and what am I supposed to do?” We can trust the truth sourced from our inner voice.

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Gloria R Nash is the author of a forthcoming book on healing long-standing emotional issues in our heart center. Healing deep emotional wounds and grief has been Gloria’s mission. Inspiring people to transform limitations and live their unique purpose. She has become an advocate encouraging a new perception of aging as a journey of awakening to the soul. Working as a Spiritual Growth Coach and Mentor, she is committed to supporting people and organizations to hold an awareness of energy. Combining personal resilience with heartfelt wisdom, Gloria shares effective ways to handle adversity, trauma, and other reactions to stress, gained from her own courage, determination, and perseverance in overcoming significant adversities as an abandoned and neglected child of emotionally unavailable parents. The late resiliency pioneer and expert, Dr. Al Siebert, brought her story to light, and others followed. She offers original services and products related to healing at the level of energy. Gloria holds Masters Degrees in Psychology and Education, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.


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