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What topics can I ask you to pray for and heal?

Anything you are concerned about. Clients have requested help with problems such as illness, injury, fear, relationships, finances, emotions, integrity, and ethics. Here is a list of topics.

Can healing occur without being face to face with the practitioner?

Prayer is offered by phone, in person, or via written or electronic correspondence.  God heals through prayer when the practitioner and client acknowledge and affirm God’s spiritual power of divine Love.

What is spiritual realization?

Realization is a spiritual insight that accepts what is realized is made real. By realizing good we make good real in our experience, here and now. To realize God’s presence, power, love, and good is to see beyond appearances.

Seeing God in every moment and feeling grateful for Him, is to acknowledge God in every moment. Healing is not found by mentally staying in dreams of form, appearance, and the body. Healing is found by awakening to the truth that we are the image and likeness of God now.  Stay aware of our spiritual inheritance and know we can never be lost, separate, or abandoned by divine presence and power.

Seeking signs of God in forms of supply like healing, money, happiness, etc., is neglecting to see God’s presence in our gratitude, harmony, peace, and joy. Healing and supply are limited signs of God, who is always with us, to comfort, protect, guard, supply, and heal us. Trust divine Love is always here.

Spirit is constantly and quietly affirm: Relax, breathe, enjoy! God is here. Stop, look around, and notice how much love is already present. I am the best I can be. I am at home, thank you!

Any thought that says happiness, wholeness, and completion is somewhere other than here and now is the ego talking, including thoughts like: “almost there,” “Don’t give up! Keep trying,” etc.

God is here. Love is here. Where am I? Everything I have ever wanted, needed, desired, wished for, and hoped for is here with me now. Am I present, too?






If you are in crisis in the USA, please call 911, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK, or go to the nearest emergency room.

For assistance outside of the USA, please go to the nearest emergency room, or visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention website or the Befrienders Worldwide website to locate a crisis line.

Gloria R Nash is an intuitive energy worker, and a Spiritual Growth Coach, providing personal coaching sessions and mentoring sessions to individuals and groups.  She is not any form of psychotherapist, medical doctor, or other health care provider. Coaching and  mentoring are not substitutes for counseling or therapy. The coach is not acting in the capacity of a licensed therapist. The coach’s role is to support, encourage, motivate, guide, mentor, advise, and inform. The client’s role is to weigh the information and advice provided before taking action. The client understands and acknowledges that the coach holds no responsibility for a client’s actions. The client takes full responsibility for all decisions and consequences.

The information and coaching provided is intended to educate, inform, amuse, and inspire people on a personal spiritual journey inwards towards expressing optimal health and thriving through one’s full potential. It is clearly not intended to replace any relationship with a qualified health care professional and is definitely not intended to be medical advice, diagnosis, cure, treatment or anything else that properly belongs to the fields of medicine, psychology, or other licensed professions. I wholeheartedly encourage every reader to seek the medical and psychological care they need from qualified professionals. Although I am a counselor by training, the services I provide are solely coaching and mentoring services, and not therapy. Please seek the help of a licensed therapist if needed. If you are seeking mental health treatment, I am happy to refer you to a licensed clinician. A Course in Miracles is supportive of doing so. Using this site means you understand and agree to this.

If you are under the care of health professionals (or should be), you are strongly encouraged to discuss modifications in diet, lifestyle, exercise, and/or nutrition with them prior to making changes. Never discontinue or reduce prescription medications without consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

The contents of this website are for those interested in studying “A Course in Miracles” and are for educational purposes only.  This website is not intended to replace the work that we are each called to do with the Holy Spirit, nor is it a substitute for studying “A Course in Miracles” directly.

Visitor understands that choosing to use Spiritual Growth Coaching or A Course in Miracles Mentoring, it is possible that emotional or physical sensations or unresolved memories may surface which could be perceived as negative side effects. Emotional material can continue to surface, indicating issues needing to be addressed. Any stories or testimonials presented on this website do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using coaching for any particular issue. Furthermore, visitors understand that Gloria R Nash is a Spiritual Growth Coach and not a licensed mental health care provider. She makes no warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding any outcome using any modality to heal any particular issue. Visitors agree and understand that the information presented on this website is only for personal use. While all materials and links to resources are posted in good faith, the accuracy, validity, effectiveness, completeness, or usefulness of the information herein, as with any publication, cannot be guaranteed. Any meditations this site offers are solely for educational purposes and not to be construed as any form of clinical treatment. Meditations are not for use while driving. Downloading meditations means agreeing to this. Gloria R Nash accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of any information on this website. Gloria R Nash strongly advises seeking appropriate professional advice prior to implementing any protocol or opinion expressed on this website, and before making any health decisions. By continuing to explore this website, visitors’ agree to all of the above.




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