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Successful coaching results in the form of personal healing stories that demonstrate happiness, abundance, vitality, emotional release, and other miracles.


This is Terry of Las Vegas’ testimony about discovering that she was a master facilitator of the healing process which she recognized during coaching because she has an extraordinary way of allowing people to make the changes they need to make.These changes, were, in her case, permanent. 

Here is my testimony about how a master facilitator of the healing process can promote an extraordinary healing and change that is so remarkable that I have Coach Gloria to thank for giving me back my life.
For the duration of this most intimate of journeys, Gloria guided me and stood beside me as my companion, friend, and teacher. I had to learn to remain in the present and quietly still in my mind. What was going on in the background was that I underwent several intense experiences of contrasting experiences which brought me gentleness, pain, struggle, and elation. Always there to keep me focused on subtle energies, sensations, and awareness in my awakening was Gloria who always seemed to recognize when to take a giant step back. That let me finally learn to let the powers that be to take over in my life, and that’s how I learned to trust life more and more. In baby steps, but it did happen.
The past is over! I have been saved! I am over it!
Soon, I learned to let go of the “training wheels” that Gloria represented for me. I am forever grateful for the experiences I learned from her. Now, I am most certainly in heaven because now I can finally be my own master of life!
Never will I look back again on my past which brought me so much shame. I am over it! Yes, the past is over!! I have been saved! And above all I am so glad am I to have the opportunity to share my testimony of how a master facilitator of the healing process has enabled me to change so drastically that I almost cannot believe it myself. I am pinching myself-LOL!.

Terry W. , age 73, Las Vegas, Nevada

Client testimonials for Gloria R Nash, Coach, NYC
Coaching for Healing Energy & Spiritual Growth, Gloria R Nash


It was compassion, patience and skills in the coaching relationship that finally helped Roberta in St. Louis to let go of a painful past. Here is her success story about healing work which she did together with Gloria Nash. Roberta always wanted to experience bypassing the ego mind, so she could go directly to the cause of her tensions and release conflicts that created her stress.
Testimony of healing success through patience and skills with regard to the healing process. The client found Gloria’s patience and skills to be the key to her results which she happily shares in her testimonial of healing.
Working with the spirit world, for the first time, I connect to my years of grief. Losing my parents at the age of three was devastating. Never having much in the way of patience or skills for anything, let alone for myself, now I’ve decided it is time to sooth myself. It was difficult at first, even awkward to nurture myself this way. However, I pressed forward, until what felt strange began to feel comfortable. So happy was I to finally have the ability to express some skills with patience towards myself. It became a game, one that I kept up until I started giggling, and then could hardly stop laughing.
I am not a victim!
Now for the first time I can release the attachments I held on to for too long to substances and food. Now I could release the protections that holding on my overweight symbolized for my body and the burdens about the past that I still carried. It all became a symbol of my victimhood. For too much of my life, I was a victim, but now I have decided to let that belief go, this very day. Goodbye! No more victimhood for me for I am done with playing small! And finally, I am done with all of the booze and the pills. Yeah!!! Happiness and peace is where it’s at for me! Much more fun! In fact, I am now rewriting my past and creating a new, fulfilling future! My new healing story is being written by me first on paper, and in every moment this new story is uplifting me! For this moment, I am developing my patience and skills, and as I master them who knows what else I will create and master!

—Roberta S., age 39, St. Louis, MO

Client testimonials for Gloria R Nash, Coach, NYC
Coaching for Healing Energy & Spiritual Growth, Gloria R Nash


Ronda was thrilled to share her testimony about how spiritual guidance has saved her time. A consistent and compassionate guide with the humorous, insightful approach that Gloria is showed Rhonda what eventually saved her so much time in evolving spiritually. She had experienced a calling to go on the spiritual journey for many years.
Walking the path of A Course in Miracles left me with years of tears until I met the Coach who never gave up, even when I did, until I can sit here now to write this glorious testimony of how spiritual guidance saves time.
I began with Gloria calling me to this path through A Course In Miracles. Now I look forward to the weekly individualized study of A Course in Miracles that I do with Gloria. Alone, I could never really have understood this book, but regular study of it has taken my growth and healing to amazing heights.
Spiritual guidance saves time which allows for spiritual growth to occur faster.
In a really short time I have made what seems like a light year’s worth of improvement in my life. I am grateful to be able to share my new story as a testimony of how learning about who I am spiritually is saving me time and promoting my healing and growth. Thank you so very much!

— Rhonda, age 54, New Jersey


Client testimonials for Gloria R Nash, Coach, NYC
Coaching for Healing Energy & Spiritual Growth, Gloria R Nash


Testimony from Chris of New Jersey explored her confidence in having tools for healing. Chris was happy to share her healing story that revolved around living her perfect plan. She now declares that we need to put a prison guard at the corner of our mind.

I have a testimonial of healing to share because Gloria never gave up on me. She would always be accessible in my most dire moments, and never did she judge me. Thank you for allowing me to share with everyone my testimonial of healing to live God’s plan, thanks to my coach!
Sometimes we lack patience and need to remember everything is according to God’s plan. So much of what I do to stay well came from Gloria’s support. I can testify to having had a great healing only after I removed the drugs from my body for only then could I put the tools I learned into practice. Thanks to these tools, I’ve never been homeless, penniless, or friendless. Tapping. To do, to be to have. A gratitude list. Goals. A journal. Monkey mind. Get out of my head and focus on my body. Take a walk. Take a bath. Have a cup of tea. Apply some scented cream. Meditation. Write down my schedule for the day.
Put a prison guard at the corner of my mind and never, ever allow my ego’s self defeating thoughts to enter. And so many more tools to use whenever I would fall back in my many moments of weakness and desperation. A million thank you’s to you, Gloria. I still read your notes each day with my mother. You helped me to be strong by the grace of God. What I wish for you is the world and more. There is so much that I have received that I can share now in terms of undeserved kindness that I can never thank you and God enough for the testimonial of being blessed and being healed to live God’s plan.

—Chris J., New Jersey

Client testimonials for Gloria R Nash, Coach, NYC
Coaching for Healing Energy & Spiritual Growth, Gloria R Nash


No longer living in the stories and fears, Amanda’s testimonial of healing from many terrifying fears is to share that she has succeeded in no longer living in the stories and fears of her ego mind…where she says she had spent a good amount of time scaring herself with constant and unending analysis of the past, her defects, all her problems, and deeply painful feelings of her lack of self-worth.
This is a testimonial of healing from terrifying fears throughout my lifetime that have put me at a disadvantage in most of my workplaces and in my personal relationships.
Finally, I was able to heal from the terrifying fears I felt, enduring years of many traumas, plus reacting to practically everything with tension and stress because my body was attached to these states. For the first time as an adult I can finally feel my sensations, emotions, desires, and intuitions again, as I once did, long ago when I was a child. Whenever I was afraid to let go of my fears, Gloria was there for me.
Depend on no one and nothing but my own inner truth.
I am finally free from the most terrifying fears that caused me great grief as well as placing me at a disadvantage in most of my workplaces and in my personal relationships. Gloria taught me to depend on no one and nothing besides my own inner truth. I have never been able to achieve this testimonial of healing from terrifying fears, and now I experience such a serene peace, at such a high level of Knowing I have more confidence now than ever before, despite decades of therapy, reading books, meditation, etc. And now, it is finally my time and my turn. Thank you from my deepest love.

—Amanda D., age 62, New York, NY

Client testimonials for Gloria R Nash, Coach, NYC
Coaching for Healing Energy & Spiritual Growth, Gloria R Nash


Anthony in Harrisburg says he has now stopped looking to the outside world of material effects and appearances. His testimonial of inner-dependence speaks of the deep healing and peace he has discovered within himself. Once he learned to stop looking outside of himself, at the world of material effects and appearances… for the answers that he believed were already within him, he has then never looked back.
This is a testimonial of inner-dependence due to the healing and peace I have now achieved after working for two solid years on a lifetime of emotional trauma.
I worked for two solid years on a lifetime of emotional trauma issues. The pain was driving me to just want to end it all. Slowly, however, I learned to tune in to the subtle energies within me. I began to trust that this energy could guide me to what is right for me in every new moment. I learned that true inner guidance is based on inner knowingness and mastery of energy.
Gloria never failed me! She excels in her understanding of the energetics of life in a way that is beyond compare. Her experience of peace is as genuine as my testimonial of inner-dependence on healing and peace. Her guidance has always been exactly what was needed by me at the time. It is not theory for her but based on her inner knowingness and mastery of energy. She is most generous and gracious in her patience to share all of this knowledge about the invisible world with students like me. She saved my miserable life and now I am living in joy! That is my testimonial of inner-dependence.

—Anthony, age 39, Harrisburg, PA

Client testimonials for Gloria R Nash, Coach, NYC
Coaching for Healing Energy & Spiritual Growth, Gloria R Nash