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Thirty Minutes Daily for Health

Invest thirty minutes daily for health
Bonnie Prudden in NYC, 1960
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Thirty minutes daily for health is all we need to take full responsibility for our body. Physical fitness pioneer Bonnie Prudden used this idea to inspire a generation to exercise for health. She created a buzz by asking everybody to invest just thirty minutes daily for health benefits to last a lifetime.

“You can’t turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again.”

Troubled by the fact that 56 percent of American children had failed their physical fitness tests,  Bonnie Prudden responded to these fitness tests that only 8 percent of European children had failed.

Opening up her home to fitness classes for the public, Bonnie Prudden began teaching with her two daughters, Joan and Suzy. A lifelong devotee of exercise for health blossomed and grew into an unrivaled career. She made her living as a health and exercise advocate, author, speaker, teacher, clinician, and inventor.

Decades before Jane Fonda and Flashdance, Prudden was a game changer. The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition was one of the many contributions inspired by Prudden.  Throughout her 97 years of life, Bonnie Prudden enriched many lives. She was a selfless and independent spirit. Helping people of all ages learn to take better care of their physical bodies thirty minutes daily for health.

Rather than retire from her many activities, Prudden had no interest in retiring from her many interests and activities. She continued to work until the age of 97. She expressed and lived her passion to educate people of all ages to maintain a fit, healthy body by accepting full responsibility for their own health. learn from everything including every adverse situation she experienced. It became an opportunity for growth that gave her wisdom about the situation. Sharing her wisdom with other people allowed every adverse situation be become a win for everyone.

“Thirty minutes will pass anyway.”

Thirty daily for health is all it takes. How about you? Exercising for health is just an acquired habit. Taking a thirty minute brisk walk just a few times each week is all it takes to sustain a habit of exercise for a lifetime of good health.

Thirty minutes will pass anyway.

How about investing in yourself? Begin today, to “wind up the clock again.”

What is stopping you?

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