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My Constant Companion: 365 Days with A Course in Miracles



Exciting News!   New book by Gloria R Nash, based on the renowned spiritual psychology Text, A Course in Miracles. A compilation of 5 years that she studied the Text and 365 Daily Lessons, this remarkable guide to healing includes Gloria’s prayers to the Holy Spirit for each of the lessons.



My Constant Companion: 365 Days with A Course in Miracles (ACIM) allows us to find our own answers as we learn to work with the Holy Spirit and God as our Constant Companions. This book takes us on a one year journey of study, meditation, and deepening recognition of uncovering who we are in truth. The 365 Daily Workbook Lessons in A Course in Miracles inspired Gloria to read ACIM many times yet consistently fail to realize or apply the concepts. Through journaling each lesson over time, she was finally able to apply the principles and live with greater energetic, spiritual, and psychological peace. She applied the ideas in her daily life experiences and relationships at home and at work. Ultimately, she demonstrated the practical healing benefits of ACIM to true creating miracles in every area of her life.


The ACIM journey will be easier after reading this book

Gloria openly shares her process of bringing aspects of mind and unforgiveness to the Holy Spirit for correction. Her transparency in working through each lesson is inspiring in her refusal to give up the studies she began some thirty years earlier in a quest for healing and happiness. Such determination gives the rest of us the strength to face our own fears and guilt that interfere with having a happy life of undisturbed peace. Our journey with the ACIM Text and 365 Workbook Lessons will be easier once we have finished reading this complementary book.


Applying A Course in Miracles’ ideas heals what nothing else can

The year-long journey of studying A Course In Miracles daily will alter our consciousness – to be more aware, responsible, happy, peaceful, and present.  Gloria shows us that by mindfully paying attention to the contents of our life, we can open up to the answers we have been seeking. “Why am I here?” “What should I be doing?”  All truth is sourced from our own life, if we but listen.


Being in the flow is not copying or relying on others

Excellence and success are our birthright. Returning to the natural state of God’s energy of love is the essence of empowerment and peak performance. Here, we can access our power, inner knowing, and guidance. Unlike other spiritual psychology books, this book does not lead us on a pointless chase of seeking guidance outside of ourselves. Being in the flow of life is not about copying others or relying on their rules. This insightful book guides in each page to do the inner work that needs to be done by us at the level of energy and the mind to achieve empowerment.


Gain working knowledge of key ACIM ideas & practices

  • Effectively heal the mind, body, behaviors, and expression at the level of energy
  • Release even the most traumatic memories of the past and pain of childhood
  • Identify our life purpose and bring our daily life into alignment with that purpose
  • Utilize tools of meditation and prayer to open us to our intuitive guidance
  • Relationships mirror our internal relationship with our mind and heart
  • External relationships improve when our mind and heart are balanced and in sync



During the 5 years of daily study and writing of of this book, Gloria work with her coaching clients intensified. It became clear that people who operate at their best most of the time do so by never looking outside themselves for answers. There is not even one sentence of advice in My Constant Companion: 365 Days with A Course in Miracles. Instead, Gloria sought to capture a mentor-coaching process experienced by visionaries she has studied who seek to relate with each client in as if they already are healed and know what ACIM’s principles merely help us to remember.


As you realize ACIM’S message, it will be your last book

You may read My Constant Companion: 365 Days with A Course in Miracles on its own, or read it along with the Text and 365 Workbook Lessons of A Course in Miracles. Whether this is your first time studying ACIM or if you have worked with it for years, you will discover such a wealth of peace and happiness that I guarantee you will never need to read another book on healing.

A Course in Miracles is without any doubt the most helpful book ever written. Gloria R Nash’s new book, My Constant Companion: 365 Days with A Course in Miracles will put you in the fast lane towards quickening your grasp of the principles and practices for living a miraculous life!


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Official release date: September 1, 2019


Book is available for Pre-Order at
Also to be available on Kindle and Nook at Amazon.com, Dates Will Be Announced Shortly
Learn more about Healing Work with the workbook’s 365 lessons in the privacy of your home
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