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Private NYC Coaching for Healing Energy & Spiritual Growth Sessions

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Private NYC Coaching for Healing Energy & Spiritual Growth Sessions


The quality of our lives is directly related to how we interpret and give meaning to events around us. We can create lasting peace and happiness, if we are first aware of being a master who is at choice. NYC Coaching for Energy Healing & Spiritual Growth is the balance between our inner and outer worlds, while it deepens an awareness of connection to the Divine which asks us to take responsibility for all we experience. We can reshape our conditioned mental attitudes to easily grow into our true self. Seeing difficulties and challenges as healing and learning opportunities, we can accept and love our whole experience, without resistance.

Live consciously one new moment to the next new moment!

To live authentically our mind and body must be aligned with our resources of emotions, thoughts, images, and actions. Success depends on aligning all of our self to create momentum in the direction of our hearts desire, one choice at a time. Success comes when we focus our attention, take right action, listen to the feedback life gives us, and live consciously from one new moment to the next new moment.



NYC Coaching for Energy Healing & Spiritual Growth offers people feeling stuck an opportunity to achieve deep emotional healing. Only then can we manifest our purpose and passions. Our conditioning controls our emotions with our mind so we continue to be in denial. The mind’s role is to listen and learn from our feelings. Mind asks pain, “What can I do to help?” then acts in service to the wisdom of the intuitive self by lovingly supporting all feelings, so consciousness serves feelings.

Allow the mind to lovingly support our feelings.

NYC Coaching for Energy Healing & Spiritual Growth focuses on feeling sensations in the body, which holds the truth of past events in the deepest part of our being. This interaction between mind and body happens throughout our experience. As mind becomes conscious and lovingly attends to all feelings and sensations in the body, healing occurs. We learn how to control, feel, and heal feelings.



First of all, coaching gives people tools they can use. Furthermore, a coach supports a client in learning the tools and allowing transformations and manifestations to unfold. We teach people to develop a loving awareness of the physical experience to effectively respond to bodily experiences. This fosters a loving consciousness that serves feelings and supports quick and painless healing, as mind finds its right place in relation to the energy of feelings.

Mind is a powerful vehicle to facilitate Spiritual Growth.

The mind is a vehicle to process healing thoughts, plus mind contains the instincts, intuitions, and emotional energies, where core passions and purpose live. Hence, mind is a powerful vehicle to facilitate Spiritual Growth. Some coaches focus on the power of conversation to hold an intention to reveal one’s passion, life purpose, strengths, and limitations, then gain clarity, and serve spiritual growth. NYC Coaching for Energy Healing & Spiritual Growth shares effective tools including prayer and meditation, to see the big picture of meaning in life, and most noteworthy, to focus on having the answers we seek be revealed to us.



Focusing our attention is a powerful way to access bodily knowing, as well as enhancing awareness and compassion. Listen to the body’s wisdom, discern what is revealed, and shift the core ‘energy’ or ‘feeling pattern’ that is being held in about a situation. This process allows people to understand who they are at the deepest levels and how they create their experiences. We can remain embodied and make conscious choices from this deep sentient space by living from the inside out.

Train the mind to experience listening to the body.

Identify a specific issue, physical symptom, or condition and turn our attention to the felt sense to explore and track sensations that come into our awareness. Train our mind to experience listening to the body. Train our attention to sustain itself on the direct experience of feeling. Notice a shift in what we are sensing. Observe any insights arising from this sustained attention. Ask our body what it is telling us.



  • Want to be more present and learn to feel more deeply and to think less
  • Release negative emotions and cultivate unconditional happiness
  • Need non-judgmental addiction support
  • Have fears ranging from social anxiety to feeling terrified of other people
  • Late bloomers who want more confidence and awareness to deal with aging
  • Slow down to manage emotion/energy better and vibrate at a higher quality
  • Creative types and entrepreneurs who want to connect with goals and dreams, then receive support to achieve those goals and purpose
  • Remove blocks and frozen or stuck energy and heal karmic patterns
  • Nurses, teachers, veterans, homeless, therapists, survivors, the wounded, etc.


Call 718-760-1507, Mon – Thurs, 8am-8pm EST

People who are the best fit for individual coaching sessions feel they are missing something they most want to have. Often operating below their potential in one or more areas, they feel unhappy, unfulfilled, frustrated, angry, and blocked.

NYC Coaching for Energy Healing & Spiritual Growth works best for anyone who wants more out of life and is unafraid of taking responsibility for their healing. Our free introductory telephone session can tell you if this fit resonates for you.



Sessions are in person, 60 minutes, or by Skype or telephone, 45-60 minutes. I help to clarify desires and share tools to eliminate blocks to manifest those desires. Ongoing feedback helps people learn the tools, achieve deep emotional healing, and manifesting more of their desires. Courtesy telephone and email check-ins after a session is available, if needed, to further integrate the tools and experiences.

Working at the level of energy.

I use my intuition and my experiences of working at the level of energy to help you quickly release the cause of why you need assistance from someone like me.

Ideally you call me and we speak a few minutes after you fill out a Questionnaire which helps to map out the subconscious mental and feeling patterns you are finally seeking to release attachment from, then we work together with intention.

Areas I do not discuss include:

  • Depression/suicidal thoughts, please see a qualified therapist or counselor
  • People looking for quick fixes instead of doing the work of spiritual growth
  • Individuals struggling with active addictive behaviors



If you have been struggling with an  issue(s) but are not seeing results  contact me to set up private sessions. I guide you to gentle yet permanent change. Call me at 718-760-1507, Mondays – Thursdays, from 8am-8pm EST. If I’m not available, leave a message so I can call back. You can also email here. All calls are confidential.

I invite you to continually explore!

I invite you to continually explore where you are in your energy, mind, emotions, and body as you interact with others and yourself. Increase awareness of how the energies shift in your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Be conscious and at choice in managing your wholeness to be more present in each moment. If you are not sure what your body is communicating to you, give me a call, so we can listen together. Contact me for more information or to discuss what you are ready to explore. I offer private NYC Coaching for Healing Energy & Spiritual Growth sessions.

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