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Invest Thirty Minutes Daily for Health

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Invest Thirty Minutes Daily for Health

“You can’t turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again.”
—Bonnie Prudden

During the 1950’s, Bonnie Prudden was troubled by the fact that 56 percent of American children had failed the same physical fitness tests that only 8 percent of European children had failed.

Her response?

Prudden began teaching fitness classes in her own home with her two daughters, Joan and Suzy. A lifelong devotion to fitnesss blossomed and grew into an unrivaled career as a health and exercise advocate, author, speaker, teacher, clinician, and inventor.

Decades before Jane Fonda and Flashdance, Prudden was the inspiration for what has presently morphed into The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.  During her 97 years of life, Bonnie Prudden enriched our lives with a selfless and independant spirit that has helped people of all ages learn to take better care of their physical bodies.

How about you? Whether you do choose to exercise or whether you choose not to enjoy regular work-outs, is just an acquired habit. Taking a thirty minute brisk walk just a few times each week is all it takes to sustain an exercise habit.

Thirty minutes will pass anyway.

How about investing just thirty minutes per day in yourself? Begin today, to “wind up the clock again.”

What is stopping you?