Spiritual Growth Heals: We Are All Entitled to Miracles

HOW DO WE DO A COURSE IN MIRACLES? I hear this question a lot! I asked the same question for the many years that I tried to read the book, A Course in Miracles. Unfortunately, its concepts and practices were way over my head in spite of the natural gift I had for understanding life at the level of spiritual energy. For decades, I was lost when it came to using and applying the principles. I just didn’t get it and I had no idea how to work with it.   SPIRITUAL GROWTH HEALS is a private Facebook study group intended as a safe space created for those still stuck with studying and applying the big blue book, A Course in Miracles. My intention for this Facebook group, is to provide daily gentle encouragement for the journey inward, an opportunity to connect with the awareness of our true value and worthiness, and to remove the blocks to love that we have place between ourselves and our natural joy. We will tap into our awesome hidden inner resources to experience a more peaceful and expanded inner presence. Experiencing more peace and joy is… Read More »Spiritual Growth Heals: We Are All Entitled to Miracles