My Constant Companion: 365 Days with A Course in Miracles

MY CONSTANT COMPANION: 365 DAYS WITH A COURSE IN MIRACLES   Exciting News!   New book by Gloria R Nash, based on the renowned spiritual psychology Text, A Course in Miracles. A compilation of 5 years that she studied the Text and 365 Daily Lessons, this remarkable guide to healing includes Gloria’s prayers to the Holy Spirit for each of the lessons.   NRG: NOTHING IS REAL BUT GOD’S LOVE My Constant Companion: 365 Days with A Course in Miracles (ACIM) allows us to find our own answers as we learn to work with the Holy Spirit and God as our Constant Companions. This book takes us on a one year journey of study, meditation, and deepening recognition of uncovering who we are in truth. The 365 Daily Workbook Lessons in A Course in Miracles inspired Gloria to read ACIM many times yet consistently fail to realize or apply the concepts. Through journaling each lesson over time, she was finally able to apply… Read More »My Constant Companion: 365 Days with A Course in Miracles