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Spiritual Growth Heals: We Are All Entitled to Miracles

HOW DO WE DO A COURSE IN MIRACLES? I hear this question a lot! I asked the same question for the many years that I tried to read the book, A Course in Miracles. Unfortunately, its concepts and practices were way over my head in spite of the natural gift I had for understanding life at the level of spiritual energy. For decades, I was lost when it came to using and applying the principles. I just didn’t get it and I had no idea how to work with it.   SPIRITUAL GROWTH HEALS is a private Facebook study group intended as a safe space created for those still stuck with studying and applying the big blue book, A Course in Miracles. My intention for this Facebook group, is to provide daily gentle encouragement for the journey inward, an opportunity to connect with the awareness of our true value and worthiness, and to remove the blocks to love that we have place between ourselves and our natural joy. We will tap into our awesome hidden inner resources to experience a more peaceful and expanded inner presence. Experiencing more peace and joy is… Read More »Spiritual Growth Heals: We Are All Entitled to Miracles

2018 Wall Calendar of Inspirational Cityscapes and Quotes with Photographs by Gloria R Nash

2018 Wall Calendar of Inspirational Images This 2018 wall calendar of inspirational monthly views was influenced by “A Course in Miracles,” a spiritual psychology text with 365 Daily Lessons. Featuring photographs by Gloria R Nash and quotes from “Nothing is Real but Love,” her forthcoming guide to living a spiritual life. Gorgeous American cityscapes in full color will most certainly engage our creative spirit live with great greater joy knowing we can attract more miracles in every situation. Focus on What Really Matters Printed on highest quality paper, these 12 images and ideas will keep even the most distracted person focused on divine vibrations each day of the year. Celebrate positive energy, wisdom, faith, and miracles. Each month depicts a spiritual quality to bring to our focus of attention on what really matters. As a result, the glorious colors shown in these 12 Wall Calendar images will energize everyone to live with more love, light, and laughter. Measuring 8.5” x 11”, inspirational 2018 Wall Calendar is only $10.95, with FREE Shipping within the 48 States. Ships in one business day, via First Class with Free Tracking! This makes a perfect gift… Read More »2018 Wall Calendar of Inspirational Cityscapes and Quotes with Photographs by Gloria R Nash

My Constant Companion: 365 Days with A Course in Miracles

MY CONSTANT COMPANION: 365 DAYS WITH A COURSE IN MIRACLES   Exciting News!   New book by Gloria R Nash, based on the renowned spiritual psychology Text, A Course in Miracles. A compilation of 5 years that she studied the Text and 365 Daily Lessons, this remarkable guide to healing includes Gloria’s prayers to the Holy Spirit for each of the lessons.   NRG: NOTHING IS REAL BUT GOD’S LOVE My Constant Companion: 365 Days with A Course in Miracles (ACIM) allows us to find our own answers as we learn to work with the Holy Spirit and God as our Constant Companions. This book takes us on a one year journey of study, meditation, and deepening recognition of uncovering who we are in truth. The 365 Daily Workbook Lessons in A Course in Miracles inspired Gloria to read ACIM many times yet consistently fail to realize or apply the concepts. Through journaling each lesson over time, she was finally able to apply the principles and live with greater energetic, spiritual, and psychological peace. She applied the ideas in her daily life experiences and relationships at home and at work. Ultimately, she demonstrated the practical healing benefits of ACIM to true… Read More »My Constant Companion: 365 Days with A Course in Miracles