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Personal healing stories demonstrating happiness, abundance, vitality, emotional release, and other miracles.

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Mastery of the Healing Process

This is my testimony about master facilitator of the healing process in which I recognized immediately with Gloria because she has

Patience and Skills

Gloria’s compassion, patience and skills finally helped me to let my painful past go.  Here’s my success story about my healing work which I did together with Gloria Nash.

Spiritual Guidance Saves Time

I am happy to share my testimony about how spiritual guidance has saved me time. A consistent and compassionate guide with the humorous, insightful approach that Gloria is has shown to me

Testimonial of Inner Dependence

Stop looking to the outside world of material effects and appearances. My testimonial of inner-dependence speaks of the deep healing and peace I have inside now. Once I learned to stop looking outside of me, at the world of material effects and appearances

Tools for Healing to Live God’s Plan

I now know I have the tools for healing and I most certainly can share my testimonial of healing to live my perfect plan.

Years of Tension Released

No longer living in the stories and fears. My testimonial of healing from many terrifying fears is to share that I have succeeded in no longer living in the stories and fears of my ego mind,