Years of Tension Released

No longer living in the stories and fears.

My testimonial of healing from many terrifying fears is to share that I have succeeded in no longer living in the stories and fears of my ego mind, where I spent a good amount of time scaring myself by a constant and unending analysis of my past, my defects, all the problems I had, and deeply painful feelings lack of self-worth. Finally, I was able to heal from the terrifying fears I felt, enduring years of many traumas, plus reacting to practically everything with tension and stress because my body was attached to these states. For the first time as an adult I can finally feel my sensations, emotions, desires, and intuitions again, as I once did, long ago when I was a child. Whenever I was afraid to let go of my fears, Gloria was there for me.

Depend on no one and nothing but my own inner truth.

I am finally free from the most terrifying fears that caused me great grief as well as placing me at a disadvantage in most of my workplaces and in my personal relationships. Gloria taught me to depend on no one and nothing besides my own inner truth. I have never been able to achieve this testimonial of healing from terrifying fears, and now I experience such a serene peace, at such a high level of Knowing I have more confidence now than ever before, despite decades of therapy, reading books, meditation, etc. And now, it is finally my time and my turn. Thank you from my deepest love.

—Amanda D., age 62, New York, NY


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