Tools for Healing to Live God’s Plan

I now know I have the tools for healing and I most certainly can share my testimonial of healing to live my perfect plan.

Sometimes we lack patience and need to remember everything is according to God’s plan. So much of what I do to stay well came from Gloria’s support. I can testify to having had a great healing only after I removed the drugs from my body for only then could I put the tools I learned into practice. Thanks to these tools, I’ve never been homeless, penniless, or friendless. Tapping. To do, to be to have. A gratitude list. Goals. A journal. Monkey mind. Get out of my head and focus on my body. Take a walk. Take a bath. Have a cup of tea. Apply some scented cream. Meditation. Write down my schedule for the day.

Put a prison guard at the corner of your mind

Put a prison guard at the corner of my mind and never, ever allow my ego’s self defeating thoughts to enter. And so many more tools to use whenever I would fall back in my many moments of weakness and desperation. A million thank you’s to you, Gloria. I still read your notes each day with my mother. You helped me to be strong by the grace of God. What I wish for you is the world and more. There is so much that I have received that I can share now in terms of undeserved kindness that I can never thank you and God enough for the testimonial of being blessed and being healed to live God’s plan.

—Chris J., New Jersey


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