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Tools for Healing to Live God’s Plan

I now know I have the tools for healing and I most certainly can heal. Sometimes we lack patience and need to remember everything is according to God’s plan. So much of what I do to stay well came from Gloria. Only when I removed the drugs from my body could I put the tools into practice. Thanks to these tools, I’ve never been homeless, penniless, or friendless. Tapping. To do, to be to have. A gratitude list. Goals. A journal. Monkey mind. Get out of your head and focus on your body. Take a walk. Take a bath. Have a cup of tea. Apply some scented cream. Meditation. Write down your schedule for the day. Put a prison guard at the corner of your mind and don’t allow any self defeating thoughts to enter. And so much more. A million thank you’s to you, Gloria. I still read your notes. You helped me to be strong by the grace of God. I have received undeserved kindness. I wish for you the world.

—Chris J., New Jersey