Patience and Skills

Gloria’s compassion, patience and skills finally helped me to let my painful past go.

  Here’s my success story about my healing work which I did together with Gloria Nash.I had always wanted to experience bypassing my ego mind, so I could go directly to the cause of my tensions and release the conflicts that created the stress. Working with the spirit world, for the first time, I connect to my years of grief. Losing my parents at the age of three was devastating. Never having much in the way of patience or skills for anything, let alone for myself, now I’ve decided it is time to sooth myself. It was difficult at first, even awkward to nurture myself this way. However, I pressed forward, until what felt strange began to feel comfortable. So happy was I to finally have the ability to express some skills with patience towards myself. It became a game, one that I kept up until I started giggling, and then could hardly stop laughing.

I am not a victim!

Now for the first time I can release the attachments I held on to for too long to substances and food. Now I could release the protections that holding on my overweight symbolized for my body and the burdens about the past that I still carried. It all became a symbol of my victimhood. For too much of my life, I was a victim, but now I have decided to let that belief go, this very day. Goodbye! No more victimhood for me for I am done with playing small! And finally, I am done with all of the booze and the pills. Yeah!!! Happiness and peace is where it’s at for me! Much more fun! In fact, I am now rewriting my past and creating a new, fulfilling future! My new healing story is being written by me first on paper, and in every moment this new story is uplifting me! For this moment, I am developing my patience and skills, and as I master them who knows what else I will create and master!

—Roberta S., age 39, St. Louis, MO

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