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Mastery of the Healing Process

I recognized immediately that Gloria is a master facilitator of the healing process,as well as having an extraordinary way of allowing people to make the changes they most need. These changes, in my case, were permanent.  For the duration of this most intimate of journeys, Gloria was both my companion and a guide, friend and teacher, present and quietly in the background as I underwent several intense experiences that were marked with gentleness, pain, struggle, and elation. Always there to keep me focused on subtle energies, sensations, and awareness awakening, Gloria knew when to take a giant step back, letting the powers that be take over in my life. Soon, I learned to let go of the “training wheels” that Gloria represented for me. Never will I look back again on a past of shame. I am over it! Yes, the past is over!!

Terry W. , age 73, Las Vegas, Nevada